The government has lifted the ban on genetically modified crops following a Cabinet meeting chaired by President William Ruto.
Kenya Lifts Ban on Genetically Modified Crops After a Decade

The ban on genetically modified imports was enforced in 2012 following a presidential decree by the late former President Mwai Kibaki.

The decree followed recommendations by the then Minister for Public Health, Beth Mugo, who cited a study by a French University that linked cancer in rats to the consumption of GM foods.

The findings of the research were also backed by the Kenya Medical Research Institute.

The U.S. government in April 2022 protested Kenya's reluctance to lift the ban with the Joe Biden administration noting that the move was restricting its exports.

The move comes at a time when the country is facing a serious drought crisis.

According to the government estimates, 3.5 million Kenyans are severely affected by the crisis with the figure projected to rise. 23 counties are experiencing drought.

President Ruto who on September 26, 2022, flagged off relief aid to the affected regions pledged that his administration will end the perennial drought situation in the country, reports Davis Ayega for Capital FM.



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