Let’s Protect Beautiful Tigers

Relentless poaching and clearing of habitat for agriculture have been the primary drivers of this decline, though demand for tiger skins and parts for "medicinal" purposes has become an increasingly important threat in recent years.


Canadian Climate Change Study Canceled because of Climate Change

A $17 million study of climate change in the Canadian Arctic has been nixed for now -- because of climate change.


Half of Species Are at Risk of Extinction Due to Climate Change

About half of all plants and animals in 35 of the world's most biodiverse places are at risk of extinction due to climate change, a new report claims.


Fishery Yields Will Be Dramatically Cut by 2300

University of California, Irvine scientists expect the world's fisheries to be, on average, 20 percent less productive in the year 2300, with those in the North Atlantic down nearly 60 percent and those in much of the western Pacific experiencing declines of more than 50 percent.


Increasing Tree Mortality in a Warming World

A mix of factors is contributing to an increasing mortality rate of trees in the moist tropics, where trees in some areas are dying at about twice the rate that they were 35 years ago, according to a far-reaching study examining tree health in the tropical zone that spans South America to Africa to Southeast Asia.

And scientists believe the trend will continue.


Cape Town Water Crisis, Day Zero Deferred

The warnings begin even before you arrive.

"Cape Town is suffering through an extreme water crisis," the pilot explains on approach, imploring tourists and travelers to save water.
Hotel televisions blare out messages to guests: "90 second showers only!" Washroom taps are shut in restaurants and bars, and "If it is yellow, let it mellow" signs are plastered across bathroom stalls. Giant borehole-drilling rigs and water tankers fight through the city's notorious traffic.


The Dream of Unlimited Clean Energy Is about to Come True, Scientists Say

In just 15 years, the US will be producing unlimited amounts of nearly free, completely green energy. Not only would such an energy holy grail mean the end of humanity’s dependence on expensive fossil fuels, it would also be a panacea for climate change.


River Witham: Dead Fish Pollution Source Identified

The cause and source of pollution in a Lincolnshire river which killed thousands of fish has been identified, the Environment Agency (EA) said.

Thousands of fish - dead or gasping for air - were spotted in the River Witham between Kirkstead Bridge and Bardney Bridge, near Woodhall Spa, on Sunday.

Reports of dead fish were also received from the Boston area, 20 miles away.

The EA said the pollution was due to ammonia in the waterway and its source has been found.


Microsoft Signs a New Energy Deal

Microsoft has entered into an agreement to purchase three megawatts (MW) of solar-powered electricity in India.

The tech giant will buy the electricity from Atria Power. The renewable power will be used to supply a new office in Bangalore, India, and will meet 80 percent of the new building's projected electricity needs.

The deal represents Microsoft's first solar power agreement in India. Rob Bernard, Microsoft's chief environmental strategist, said that both Microsoft and India had ambitious commitments to use more renewable energy.


Salmon Farming Damages Scotland's Marine Ecosystem

Holyrood's environment committee said fish mortality was at "unacceptable levels".

A report concluded that there has been little progress in tackling environmental problems since 2002.

The Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation insisted it was committed to long-term sustainability.

Salmon is Scotland's single biggest food export - worth £600m - and is estimated to provide nearly 2,500 jobs with thousands more supported by the aquaculture sector in rural and coastal communities.