Lets have a look at 11+ awesome eco-friendly products that you can gift someone.
11+ Eco friendly Products That You Can Gift Someone

Amazing and surprising gifts don’t have to be expensive and besides, they need to have a great reputation with some particular unique characteristic. If you are an environmentalist or happen to be the kind of person who cares so much about the environment, you can lower your environment impact by gifting people with eco-friendly products.

Also to be part of the mission of advancing towards sustainable environmental solutions, gifting someone with an eco-friendly product is highly valuable. As a matter of fact, you may find that they love the green gifts even more. Furthermore, you’ll not only be saving the planet but also saving some extra coins for your pocket. If you want to participate in rewarding the planet, here are some impressive options for you. Lets have a look at 11+ awesome eco-friendly products that you can gift someone.

1. Soap nuts

Soap nuts are recent discoveries that serve a better purpose than the commercial laundry detergents which are highly unkind to the environment. When purposing to serve someone with an eco-friendly gift, soap nuts can be a great option as they are 100% biodegradable and work magic when used in cleaning clothes.

Soap nuts as their name suggests are manufactured from soapberry trees, which means they are 100% environmentally friendly. If you are out looking for a simple and affordable green gift, grab a packet of soap nuts to gift someone with a natural laundry care product.

2. Potted herbs

The majority of people will treasure receiving plants as a gift. However, when gifting someone with a plant you have to ensure they have somewhere to put it considering the kind of houses most people live in today, especially in urban areas. Potted herbs fits in this case particularly because they require little space and can be put in the house.

Potted herbs are also practical in so many ways since they don’t require maintenance. On top of their aesthetic value, the scented ones like rosemary, sage and basil can provide one’s house with natural fragrance. Come to think of it, potted herbs can be useful and beautiful eco-friendly gifts.

3. Wooden sunglasses and watches

Watches and sunglasses are widely accepted gifts, but what most people don’t know is that there are eco-friendly options for them. Particularly, stylish wooden pair of sunglasses and watches can serve this purpose very well while at the same time offering an effective way of reducing plastic pollution and the overexploitation of precious metals. Besides, wooden sunglasses and watches are predominantly crafted from sustainable materials namely repurposed skateboards, cotton-based acetate and recycled timber, which are 100% free from any toxic chemicals.

4. A Drying rack

A drying rack can be a useful eco-friendly gift if you anticipate gifting someone with a utility that will save their money on electricity bills. A drying rack is handy as it gets rid of the need for using the dryer. It may sound like a peculiar gift but it’s very practical and once one realizes its benefits, it will surely be used regularly. Furthermore, there are several drying racks in the market ranging from simple to premier ones with very pocket friendly prices. With as low as $10, you can get your friend or loved one a perfect drying rack to cater for their laundry.

5. A Vermicompost bin

Lots of people have probably heard of a friend or loved one make a decision to go green and we are left wondering the kind of gift to give them. In such cases, a green composting product is what you need and that’s where a Vermicompost Bin comes in. Instead of throwing food scraps in the trash which ends up in the landfills as garbage, the use of a Vermicompost Bin ensures that the waste food is effectively composted.

Unlike the landfills where the food wastes produce harmful greenhouse gases during composting, the Vermicompost Bin doesn’t release any gases at all. The reason for this is that the Vermicompost Bin consists of worms that eat everything from eggshells to fruit scraps and veggies.

6. Reusable organic cotton napkins

Paper napkins are among the worst single-use products across the globe. In order to reduce the dependence on paper napkins, you can gift someone with reusable organic cotton napkins. As opposed to the single-use paper towels, cotton napkins can be used over and over again. Cotton napkins are simply washed and used again.

7. Biodegradable sneakers

Most people probably don’t know that there actually exist biodegradable sneakers. Companies such as Adidas among other environmentally savvy shoe makers are making great advances in producing biodegradable sneakers. Accordingly, instead of buying someone the traditional sneakers on a special event or as a present; opt for the biodegradable ones.

The added advantage of biodegradable sneakers is that they don’t contain plastics and materials that take hundreds of years to break down like it is the case with the conventional sneakers.

8. Eco-laptop

Environmentally aware laptop manufactures are constantly looking for novel and innovative ways of creating eco-laptops. If you consider buying your friend or loved one a laptop as a gift, consider an eco-laptop. Eco-laptops are manufactured using renewable and environmentally friendly products while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and ensuring minimal utilization of energy and water. Rather than buying just any laptop in the market as a gift for someone, choose eco-laptop and you’ll be doing great justice to the environment.

9. Bandanas

Bandanas can be the simplest and most useful eco-friendly gift to give someone. For one, bandanas serve various purposes including being used as casual dinner napkins, as dish clothes, face masks, handkerchiefs for travelers, minor medical emergencies and as washcloths for showering or re-usable wrap for food like cupcakes. The added advantage of bandanas is that they can be washed and re-used again and again. In fact, they provide for a zero-waste strategy.

10. Tree seedlings

It may seem as a big shocker but tree seedlings are wonderful gifts, especially when gifting someone who has a garden, backyard or with some space for planting a tree. Purchasing tree seedlings on sale or from tree nurseries is very affordable and if planted by the person receiving it as a gift, it’s a huge plus to the environment. We constantly need to plant trees in order to restore our natural environment.

Therefore, the next time you plan of on gifting someone; consider a tree seedling as one of your eco-friendly options. It’s not necessary limited to tree seedlings as other garden plants can as well serve the purpose. Ensure they are planted on memorable events so that they remember year after year as they watch the plant grow.

11. Flip Flop doormats made from recycled fabric

Any product made from recycled materials is considered to be eco-friendly, particularly if they are durable and pose less harm to the environment. Flip flop doormats made from recycled fabric fits this criterion and looks cool too. They are also available in different colors and textures which mean you’ll definitely find a unique gift that supports green lifestyle.

12. Rings and jewelry made from recycled precious metals

It may seem surprising but rings and jewelry also have their eco-friendly options. If you need to gift someone with a ring or piece of jewelry while ensuring you are actually rewarding the environment, opt for the ones made from recycled precious metals. They help to protect against the overexploitation of the scarce precious metals and reduces the environmental impacts associated with the mining of metal ores.

13. Reusable shopping bags

Reusable shopping bag can be an awesome eco-friendly gift particularly if you are giving it to someone who goes to the grocery store regularly. It eliminates the need of the plastic bags given every time one steps into a grocery store, which results in unending cycle of plastic pollution.

14. Reusable drink bottles

According to research, Americans alone discard 35 billion plastic bottles annually. The plastics end up in the landfills and the oceans thereby contributing to a vicious cycle of plastic pollution. Gifting someone with reusable drink bottles such as stainless steel water bottles or reusable coffee cups can significantly help in curbing the plastic pollution menace. Furthermore, reusable drink bottles are free of harmful chemicals and offer sustainable ways to drink your preferred beverage or water on the go.

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