Elizabeth Boulton

Researcher in climate emergency responses, the climate-security nexus, threat framing & narratives.

My professional background is almost equally divided between work in emergency logistics (as an Australian Army Logistics Officer and with NGOs in Africa) and in the climate science and policy sector. I have worked as a consultant on sustainable transport and logistics for local and State governments; on community wind-farm projects, and in stakeholder engagement, liaison and project management roles within the climate / enviro science sector. Internationally, I have worked in Africa (Ghana, Nigeria, Sudan); the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific region. My research and writing work covers climate-security and framing, but I also explore leadership and teamwork in the context of changing socio-cultural trends.

Nationality: AU
November 21, 2021

Plan E: A climate-centred security strategy?

The underpinning strategic logic behind PLAN E is for nations to undertake a pivot in their threat p...

November 23, 2021

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