We still have an opportunity to reduce CO2 emissions from the atmosphere. This is not as difficult as it sounds. Here are some reflections, questions and answers that will help us solve the problem, covering only 70% of global emissions we can achieve important global results:
How to really reduce the co2 emissions of the atmosphere?
  • What is the scope of this CO2 emission control project at the planetary level?  

 Within this group we can mention the generation of energy that contributes around 25% of the world's CO2 emissions. The Agriculture and Forestry sector with around 24%. The industrial sector with around 21% of emissions. Transport with 14% and the residential sector with 6%. In addition, there are other very atomized issuers that can also make their individual contributions, since they account for 10% of the remaining emissions overall.

  • Do you know how many tons of CO2 could stop being emitted into the atmosphere if the world's companies that generate emissions stopped 1 day a year? 

 Around 100 million tons of CO2 would stop being emitted into the atmosphere.

  • If we continue with this analysis, if industries could stop once a month, do you know by how much CO2 emissions would be reduced?

We would be talking about reducing emissions comparable to the total emissions of South America, with around 1,200 million tons of CO2 that would stop being emitted into the atmosphere. 

  • If we could increase arrests to 25 days a year, that is, around 2 times a month, do you know how much emissions would be reduced?  

 We would be talking about reducing emissions comparable to the emissions of Russia and Germany together, with a total of 2.47 billion tons of CO2 that would stop being emitted into the atmosphere. 2 days a month is recommended to achieve an acceptable emission reduction result. 
And so on. This obviously comes at a cost to the world. However, this has been the way to make profitable industries to the detriment of the environment. This cannot be free.


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  • How can we implement this idea so that we can effectively generate this reduction in CO2 emissions? 

Through a calendar of arrests known to all (companies, workers, government organizations, environmental inspectors, social networks, etc.) and that in case of noncompliance, reporting channels can be used and sanctions for non-compliance can be app 

  • How to help fulfill the Paris Agreement?  

In order for it to function efficiently, all countries should apply this measure and thus subsidize those that are not meeting their goals according to this agreement. This is a measure applicable to all countries, simple to understand and easy to apply. This is something that affects us all. 

  • What happens to those companies that are making an effort to reduce emissions and are applying green technologies?  

If they can demonstrate reduction of CO2 emissions, through changes in their processes, as well as new projects with approved financing and that address the focus of the emissions problem, they can reduce the annual scheduled of arrests by up to 50%.

  • What happens to those companies that are working with carbon credits? 

These companies could reduce the detention schedule by 50%. It is advised that the calendar be 2 detentions per month, therefore, those companies that work through carbon credits, could reduce to one detention per month. 

  • What happens if a government is not willing to cooperate for economic or other reasons?  

Companies can join a calendar of arrests independent of government actions. This must be a true crusade so that everyone can do their part in the arrests. Only in the case of electricity rate hikes caused by arrests in the case of the energy industry and that could affect users, governments could intervene by subsidizing the rise in electricity rates since it could affect a larger population. 

This article is written by Marcelo Gilberto Bravo Peñaloza, Forestal Engineer.


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