Think Green, Plant Trees And Beat Climate Change

1. Let’s start with your Bio and experiences…   

I am a young from Burundi country, native of Bubanza Province. I'm a designer and implementor of Greening Burundi project which aims to plant 1,000,000 trees in 3 years.
I often work for the wellbeing of others and I am a community leader.
I like sharing my ideas, wishes and visions with other young people and adults through debates or workshops organized so that we have to make a change and make our world better.
I often focus on the preservation of our dear planet, sustainable development, good health, the community free of poverty and hunger.
Here, we prepared an interview to introduce him to other people fighting for climate change. Hope to be read and has beneficial effects to have a green and peaceful planet.

2. What is your goal and what motivated you to start your project? 

My main goal is to protect our dear planet and preserve health. I am viewing for a better world with its well-preserved environment free of climate change and its impacts.

Motivation to start "Greening Burundi Project": The existence of climate change in Burundi with its negative impacts is a reality. Desertification, global warming, soil infertility due to erosion, major deforestation, are causing serious problems for Burundians.

The main activity that makes more than 90% Burundians live is Agriculture and this has been suffered because of climate change and its impacts and Agricultural production became insufficient, Poverty is visible everywhere and malnutrition-related diseases are increasing in the community.

After noted this, I was alerted, motivated and convinced to struggle through the multiplication and planting of trees as well as raising awareness within the community to cope to preserve the environment. Hence the beginning of my project "Greening Burundi"

3. How your plan could impact climate change and mitigate it?  

My Plan of "Greening Burundi project” Play an important role in the fight against climate change which is a major problem here in Burundi. I have considered it as a response to the tears that Burundians show daily when harvesting in their fields and that is why I ask everyone to join me and support my Project.

Think Green, Plant Trees And Beet Climate Change

4. Is there any person or institution supporting you? What are your problems specially financial ones to keep going your project?   

Until today, no institution or organization that supports "Greening Burundi Project" but I invite everyone to help me make our world a better place. Together for a better world and we are powerful.
The lack of financial resources is a serious problem for the good progress of this project and it is stopping the completion of my dreams

5. What is your plan for the future? Any new plan?   

The Greening Burundi Project is a project that I started in October 2018 with the establishment of a nursery of more than 40,000 trees and all these trees have already been planted and I am currently implementing a nursery of 200,000 trees. The overall vision of Greening Burundi project is to plant 1,000,000 trees in 3 years but it is a difficult dream to succeed being alone without supporters.

Support #GreeningBurundi in the second phase. Help us reach 200.000 trees:


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