Born in Turkey in 1977, he arrived at the age of 10 in Strasbourg, France, where his father was a building contractor. Having studied Turcology at the University of Strasbourg, then computer science, he works in the private sector. From a young age, he actively participated in neighborhood associations and then international organizations. He joined the Socialist Party and left the party, which he described as Islamophobic following the Religious Signs Act in 2004. He joined Europe Ecologie-Les Verts in 2005 and became actively involved in the party. He was a candidate for the municipal and cantonal elections. In 2015, he left the Greens against a backdrop of disagreements with local leaders. He joined the Equality, Justice Party for a year then stopped his political activities to devote himself to his profession as a journalist. Currently, in addition to being a Freelancer, he voluntarily runs, an information site focused on the Turkish, French-speaking community.

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