However, we regret to inform you that the Swiss Bilateral Technical Cooperation (COSUDE) left Ecuador in 2009; therefore, since then, this Embassy does not have the financial or personnel resources to support this type of projects.
Slap in the Face of the Planet Back in the Day

Climate change is a reality everywhere you look, we are not in a position to deny it, the recent climate events are an example of the relentless force of nature, the inaction of governments will cost taxpayers over trillions of dollars each year for not having taken in time the warnings issued by scientific bodies such as the IPCC.

Countries such as the United States addressed the CDR (Carbon Dioxide Removal) policy in February 2024, through the Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management (FECM) with a volume of $10 billion from 2024-2035 upwards, a program that seeks to offset its pollution by a tiny annual percentage that will represent no change in compliance with its NDC's, 375. 000 tons of CO2 (in 2024 equivalent to 0.0075%) compared to the 5.04 Gigatons of CO2 emitted in 2023 (5,040,000,000 tons of CO2), it should be noted that there is a reasonable percentage of offsets addressed by some states with 1,484 projects with 444,004,907 tons of CO2 in 2023 equivalent to 8.8%.

Likewise, the European Community has started its CDR-F policy similar to that of the United States with the difference in the price of each carbon credit and that its pollution must be compensated in the European territory, but not outside, this measure affects third countries that seek to trade their carbon credits in the European market and that will not be able to meet their NDC's by 2030.

The key issue in both regions is the effectiveness of the CDR's and it is expected that the projects will specify the necessary information in order to restore the lost confidence in the Carbon Market, so that companies like Shell will no longer have excuses to stay away from their environmental responsibility.

Not all countries have a clear policy on mitigating the effects of global warming and show no signs of committing themselves, even though their supposedly strong economies will not succumb to the effects of extreme weather, scenarios such as floods and hail in the desert were only the product of science fiction, and this year that fiction has become reality and every year the forecasts are expected with greater force.

This is the origin of the fight of the elderly Swiss women against their country and the European Court of Human Rights found in their favor, “the court said that Switzerland's efforts to meet its emission reduction targets had been inadequate”.

Dated April 12, 2024 Green Ecuador S.A.

proposed to Marianne Jenni, Ambassador of Switzerland in Ecuador to take into consideration its emissions trading project, a work of more than 4 years of research and development where the problems and distrust of the current carbon market are addressed, work that would be delivered without any commitment, proposing the protection of the Amazon (6.7 million km2 in 9 countries) within this mechanism of compensations, which would allow Switzerland to vindicate itself in its fight against global warming, minimizing the sentence imposed by the European Court of Human Rights, Unfortunately the response was unfavorable, considering it as a slap in the face to the Earth on its day (22/04) since our purpose is the protection of the last forests of the planet, its biodiversity, its ecosystem service, its ancestral protectors that day by day see their ecosystems diminish for lack of viable alternatives that allow them to keep them intact, in the same way happens with many countries that still keep their climate policies filed in long corridors waiting for others to act.

However, we regret to inform you that the Swiss Bilateral Technical Cooperation (COSUDE) left Ecuador in 2009; therefore, since then, this Embassy does not have the financial or personnel resources to support this type of projects.

We confirm the just sentence of the European Court of Human Rights in favor of the elderly women for the climate process CASE OF VEREIN KLIMASENIORINNEN SCHWEIZ AND OTHERS v. SWITZERLAND (Application no. 53600/20) dated April 9, 2024 by doing absolutely nothing yesterday, today and in the future, that was the message we interpreted.

In the meantime, our organization is still looking for financial support to develop a project that will protect the last forests of the planet, which are becoming smaller every year, and we invited climate activists Vanessa Nakate, Greta Thunberg, Leonardo Di Caprio, Jef Bezos, Harrison Ford, Al Gore, Helena Gualinga, Bill Gates, Veronica Arias, Wangari Maathai, Sebatião Salgado, Boyan Slat, Gerardo del Villar, Berta Cáceres, Manu San Félix, Vandana Shiva, Yann Arthus Bertrand, Naomi Klein, among others.

The climate policies of governments are not enough and yet citizens with their contributions help to feed the machinery of extractivism (subsidies) encouraging even more pollution, those responsible for the oil industry can eat the wealth stored when the last food resources run out, the pain that is intended to cause more than 90% of the world population is unimaginable and everything will fall on their consciences, humanity at the gates of the sixth mass extinction, we still hope that we can be heard, there is little time to act.


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