Thousands of people on Friday attended protests and demonstrations spanning several continents to demand government action on climate change.
Thousands of environmental protesters attend demonstrations across several continents

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The protesters gathered in Sweden, Germany, Uganda, Bangladesh and India ahead of an upcoming United Nations climate summit to be held in Glasgow.

Many called for legislation to be implemented that would mitigate warming levels around the world and protect poor nations that are disproportionately affected by global warming, the Associated Press reported.

In Berlin, thousands of young people reportedly rallied at Brandenburg Gate with signs and banners proclaiming “Don’t melt our future" and “Act now or swim later," the news outlet noted.

Protesters also called for Germany's next government to make climate change a priority. The country's Green Party is negotiating with two other parties in order to form a coalition government, according to AP.

Union bloc, which is the party of outgoing German Chancellor Angela Merkel, is reportedly not involved in the talks.

Swedish activist Greta Thunberg joined a protest in Stockholm, the AP reported. 



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