Effects of Cigarette Smoking on Environment and Human Health

Cigarette smoking causes environmental pollution by releasing toxic air pollutants into the atmosphere. The cigarette butts also litter the environment and the toxic chemicals in the remains seep into soils and waterways therefore causing soil and water pollution respectively. Animals and plants that come into contact or absorb the toxic substances from the cigarette residues are affected as well.


Ways to Reduce Light Pollution

Since the invention of the light bulb and advancements in the technology, streets, highways and major urban centers are lit and brightened by very powerful light sources. Artificial lighting causes problems in the name of light pollution mainly with regards to the alteration of natural lighting in the outdoor environment during the night. Light pollution is thus linked to the disruption of the natural habitat and negative impacts on human health. It also interferes with the aesthetic beauty of the environment.


Facemasks:Are They Helpful in Polluted Air

Research has shown that exposure to air pollution, be it brief or over the long term, can have negative impacts on the lungs and hearts, and potentially the brain as well. It is estimated that outdoor air pollution causes 3 million excess deaths worldwide each year. In response, a number of cities have introduced policies aimed at reducing urban air pollution, including congestion charging in London, bike sharing in Paris, and an “environmental police force” in Beijing.


Causes, Effects and Solutions of Illegal Logging

Illegal logging is the cutting down of trees, transporting them, or using their products such as timber for economic gains against the prohibition by law. It involves the use of corrupt ways to reach the forests or protected areas, the harvesting or cutting down of the trees without approval, and selling them elsewhere or in black markets as timber.


Low Record of Antarctic Sea Ice Levels

Sea ice levels in Antarctica dropped to a record low this year, but experts say there is not a clear link to climate change.

More than 60 meteorologists and scientists from around the world are holding a week-long meeting in Hobart, Tasmania, to better understand sea ice changes on the frozen continent.

Dr Jan Lieser from the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre said sea ice levels had experienced a “massive increase” in variability over the past few years.


Is Electric Car Really Green?

FOR YEARS NOW, greens have touted electric cars as a cardinal solution to the world’s problems.
Electric vehicles would not only lower carbon emissions, but also make our cities quieter and cleaner places. But hardcore science has always had some trouble with this pleasant illusion, given all the energy and materials needed to make an electric car in the first place.


5,000 Premature Deaths a Year in Europe Due to Excess Pollution from Diesel Cars

Two years ago the US Environmental Protection Agency issued a notice of violation to Volkswagen, setting off the far-reaching investigation and media storm into the VW diesel scandal. New research captures some of the real-world impact on lives lost due to air pollution associated with diesel cars.


10 Items That You Can Easily Recycle Every Day

Did you know that the average American is responsible for 4.4 pounds of trash every single day?  That’s over 1,600 pounds of trash per person annually. Recycling, repurposing and reusing any available items is a way to reduce these emissions – but often people aren’t aware of all the ways to use items again, instead of throwing them out. Look at 10 less-popular items you can recycle:


Cut Off Three Years Lifespans in Northern China Due to Air Pollution

There are currently an estimated 4.5 billion people around the world exposed to levels of particulate air pollution that are at least twice what the World Health Organization considers safe. Yet the impact of sustained exposure to pollution on a person’s life expectancy has largely remained a vexingly unanswered question—until now.


Advantage of Carsharing to Help the Environment and Yourself

Transportation is one area where the human carbon footprint is very large, however it can be cut back significantly if we make a few changes to our lifestyles. In particular, reducing the number of cars on the roads can have a beneficial impact for the environment and the world in general.

Carsharing is a term that has been around for a few years, and refers to a billion dollar industry that reduces vehicle impact. If you have never used a carshare option though, you might be wondering exactly what it is, how it can be of benefit, and how it works. Read on for the lowdown.