Are Fireworks Harmful for the Environment?

In some countries like Germany, it's not New Year's Eve without a night sky full of fireworks. But how bad are these colorful explosions for our environment? And what are the health effects?

Starting a new year can be costly. Germans, for instance, send €100 to 200 million ($240 million) up in smoke every New Year's Eve, as spectacular fireworks displays light up the sky above villages and cities across the country.

But the annual tradition also has an environmental cost, with each rocket releasing a toxic mix of chemicals and particulates into the air. 


Destroying Climate Change Could Lead to 1m Migrants a Year Entering EU by 2100

Climate change will drive a huge increase in the number of migrants seeking asylum in Europe if current trends continue, according to a new study.

The number of migrants attempting to settle in Europe each year will triple by the end of the century based on current climate trends alone, independent of other political and economic factors, according to the research. Even if efforts to curb global warming are successful, the number of applications for asylum could rise by a quarter, the authors predict.


Tips to Beat Winter and Keep the Heat Inside

We can put on some extra layers of clothing outside, but nobody wants to sit inside in their winter jacket. So in order to defeat winter it is important to keep our homes nice and toasty. To do that we have to fix insulation from top to bottom but also update our heating systems. Technology can provide some extra help as apps can be used to control your heating remotely. We have listed a few easy tips on how to beat winter in its own game.


Ways And Benefits of “Going Green“ With Your Roof

“Going green” with your roof can come in various forms. Some people take it literally and grow plants on their roof space. This is a great solution, but is also time consuming and takes a lot of maintenance. If this is too much for you, you could opt for other solutions. You could recover and recycle material from building construction, repair and demolition, for example.


Forest Resilience Decreases in Face of Wildfires, Climate Change

Researchers analyzed data from nearly 1,500 sites in five states -- Colorado, Wyoming, Washington, Idaho, and Montana -- and measured more than 63,000 seedlings after 52 wildfires that burned over the past three decades. They wanted to understand if and how changing climate over the last several decades affected post-fire tree regeneration, a key indicator of forest resilience.


How Much Is Pollution Screwing With Our Health?

We've come a long way since the days when air pollution was a visibly deadly thing that could kill thousands of people upon exposure, as it did in The Great Smog of London in 1952, which The Crown so vividly depicted. But despite significant advances since the Clean Air Act of 1970, we're not in the clear just yet. Air pollution—mostly from fossil fuel-burning power plants and vehicles—is still a health threat to everything with lungs.


If the UK Hits Walking and Cycling Targets 13,000 Lives Would be Saved

If the UK hits government targets for walking and cycling more than 13,000 lives and almost £10bn would be saved over the next decade, according to a new report.

The study from the transport charity Sustrans has found that meeting government plans in England and Scotland for an increase in walking or cycling would reduce deaths from air pollution by more than 13,000 in the next 10 years. It would also save almost £9.31bn.


Plastic Ocean Pollution; Human Cruelty to Seabirds

Even in the remote waters of Antarctica, they have found evidence of plastic killing and harming seabirds.

Wandering albatrosses – which have the longest wingspan of any birds alive today – are thought to be especially vulnerable.

Nesting on the barren islands of South Georgia, they feed their young by scouring thousands of miles of ocean for squid and fish but often bring back plastic instead.

The final episode of what has become the most-watched TV programme of the year explores how the oceans are threatened by human activities including overfishing and pollution.


How Resilient Are Animals to Climate Change?

Nature itself can be the best defense against climate change for many species -- at least in the short term -- according to a study published in the journal Ecology Letters from the University of California, Davis.


15 Reasons to Have an Air Purifier For Your Home

At home is where most of us find our greatest peace and perhaps the most relaxing. It helps us to wind down a hectic day and even enjoy most of our beloved amenities such as sleep, chat with family and friends, and entertainment. However, as we spend time indoors, we usually overlook air quality. In other words, air quality in our homes is equally important as we enjoy our day to day indoor amenities.