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Blue Planet II: Whales dying from pollution as they ingest toxic plastic

Whales are falling victim to pollution caused by humans dumping toxic plastic waste into the oceans.

David Attenborough will deliver another hard-hitting message in this week’s episode of Blue Planet II, which will follow the plight of a pod of pilot whales.

While feeding in the Atlantic ocean far from land, the creatures are filmed becoming entangled in plastic bags and dying from poisoning caused by the ingestion of plastics.


5 Questions Shaping the Future of Energy Storage in New York

When New York kicked off its Reforming the Energy Vision process, it jumped to the front of the pack of states reinventing their electrical networks.

Several years in, the multi-stakeholder process has established some market mechanisms to facilitate distributed energy. It has initiated new ways for utilities to earn profit, to get away from the overbuilt and underutilized status quo. Pilots have launched. But many questions remain unanswered.


Best Practices for Creating a Zero-Waste Society

It’s not a secret that our planet has a hard time because of pollution: water, ground, as well as air are all polluted, and if we want to make a difference, we have to start from ourselves. People do not pay attention on buying too many unnecessary things and the result is over clutter in their homes and surroundings. Our ancestors had used all the food they could get and did not waste a single thing.


6 Threats to Biodiversity and Their Solutions

What is Biodiversity?

Biodiversity is fundamental as it ensures natural sustainability of all life on earth not only for the current population but also for the future generations. However, biodiversity continues to be threatened and in consequence, it affects the survival of humans. Various concerns have been raised by environmental advocates and agencies such as the UNEP, WWF, GreenFacts Foundation, and EPA with regards to the threats posed on many of the world’s ecosystems which are increasingly deteriorating in state by becoming unhealthy and unbalanced.


Temperature drives biodiversity


The diversity of plants and animals in Earth's arctic regions is moderate. Tropical latitudes in contrast are teeming with different species where new organisms are being discovered all the time.