Global Warming of Oceans Equivalent to an Atomic Bomb per Second

More than 90% of the heat trapped by humanity’s greenhouse gas emissions has been absorbed by the seas, with just a few per cent heating the air, land and ice caps respectively. The vast amount of energy being added to the oceans drives sea-level rise and enables hurricanes and typhoons to become more intense.


Why 2017 Was A Pretty Good Year For The Environment

Since the Arctic will never be frozen again, and plastic pollution in the oceans is rampant, I can understand why you feel 2017 was a bad year to be a planet. But you'd be wrong. For every bad-news story, there are little rays of hope, people who stood up and fought or just, you know, recycled. All the small acts of kindness to animals and the environment added up to big changes. Here are some of the best things that 2017 had to offer.


Polluted Oceans by Acid 'Will Affect All Sea Life'

All sea life will be affected because carbon dioxide emissions from modern society are making the oceans more acidic, a major new report will say.

The eight-year study from more than 250 scientists finds that infant sea creatures will be especially harmed.

This means the number of baby cod growing to adulthood could fall to a quarter or even a 12th of today's numbers, the researchers suggest.

The assessment comes from the BIOACID project, which is led from Germany.