The Greenest Car of the Year Received an Award

The Green Car of the Year Award, which honors the most eco-friendly car, hits several "green" technologies in a single winning vehicle this year.

The winner is the Honda Clarity, a sedan that comes in three different varieties: a full electric, a plug-in hybrid and a hydrogen fuel cell model. It was being announced Thursday at the Los Angeles Auto Show.


Solar-Powered Car May be the Future of Travel


In this week’s bi-annual World Solar Challenge, a Dutch team from the Eindhoven University of Technology snagged the overall win for their unique concept: a electricity-generating solar car that gives back to the grid.

According to Green Car Congress, the car, called the “Stella Vie,” was able to transport up to five people (an average of 3.4 people per kilometer traveled) using only 48 kWh of electricity. Most of the electricity used was generated on the course.


How to Become the Most Eco-Friendly Driver

As the world’s supply of fossil fuels dwindles, petrol and diesel prices continue to soar and people become more and more eco-conscious, the importance of environmentally friendly driving is increasing. Already there has been a significant rise in the number of eco-cars on the roads in the past couple of years.