The Importance of Green Homes for Sustainable Energy


If you live in an older home, you are probably facing issues with energy efficiency and energy savings. The good news is that these issues do not have to be a burden to you forever. There are strategies for sustainable energy, or green energy, that can be implemented into a house that is older so it can reap the benefits of greener living.

Consider these tips if you are looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint and save money at the same time.


Solar Panels for the Rooftop


Facebook, Microsoft Mobilize $50 Million for Renewable Energy Microgrids


Facebook and Microsoft have joined with investment firm Allotrope Partners to launch a "first-of-its-kind" finance facility to catalyze investments in renewable energy microgrids in underserved communities around the globe.

The Microgrid Investment Accelerator (MIA) will mobilize roughly $50 million between 2018 and 2020 to expand energy access in parts of India, Indonesia and East Africa. The facility was launched yesterday at the U.N. Sustainable Energy For All Forum.




This story originally appeared on High Country News and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk Collaboration.

The West likely will continue greening its electricity supply despite President Donald Trump’s executive order aimed at wiping out much of former President Barack Obama’s consequential actions to rein in climate change. But progress will be slower and spottier than it would have been.


Solar energy at crossroads in Indiana


To hear solar energy enthusiasts tell it, the future of a growing Indiana industry is at stake, one that benefits homeowners, small businesses, churches and schools; that provides good jobs and, yes, helps the planet.

To hear big utilities describe it, the solar industry is well enough established in Indiana that it should be able to stand without the incentives that got it off the ground, and that could someday become costly to other power customers.


A Renewable Energy Journey in the Pacific


The pursuit of high penetration of renewable energy in the Pacific involves good planning and skilled navigation to stay safe and on course, and holds the promise of rich rewards.

Throughout the Pacific, island communities are embracing ambitious renewable energy targets, many as high as 100 percent over the next decade or two. This isn't surprising, given that these islands are already experiencing significant climate change impacts, and recognize the environmental benefits of reducing or replacing carbon-intensive diesel power generation.


Why The Energy Industry Needs To Support The Clean Energy Revolution


This week, Houston, Texas, will play host to government officials and executives of the world’s largest energy companies. As this group gathers at the CERAWeek conference, discussions will focus on a wide range of energy-related topics. While many of these topics have been on the agenda for some time now, such as the outlook for oil and gas prices, new themes are emerging and gaining relevance rapidly. A central theme for 2017 is the transition to cleaner, more sustainable energy sources.


Huge Potential, Huge Ambition in Algeria’s Clean Energy


Algeria is known for its oil and gas, but take a quick look at a world map, and you’ll see that its mountains and Mediterranean coastline mean huge wind energy potential.  Add in its large surface area and desert topography, and the country enjoys huge solar energy potential as well.


Amazon looks to go big on solar, clean energy


is to install solar panels at its warehouses and distribution centers around the world.

In an announcement on Thursday, the online retail giant said it was planning to install large-scale solar systems on the rooftops of over 15 "fulfillment" and "sortation" centers across the U.S. this year.

The initial projects, set to be completed by the end of this year, will produce as much as 41 megawatts of power at facilities in California, New Jersey, Maryland, Nevada and Delaware, Amazon said.


Best ways to reduce energy consumption


We know adjusting the thermostat, using blinds, opening windows or using electronics such as a heater or air conditioning unit has an impact on the amount of energy consumed in homes. But a new study looks at which of these is the most efficient when it comes to saving power.


California Is Considering a 100 Percent Renewable Energy Law. That’s a Bad Idea

Last week, California’s quest for a clean grid revolution culminated in the introduction of a bill mandating 100 percent renewable energy by 2045.

Senator Kevin de León, a longtime environmental leader in the state senate, wrote the measure, which comes on the heels of last year’s major greenhouse gas reduction bill. Massachusetts legislators introduced the same goal with a deadline of 2035.