International Day of Forests and World Water Day

March is a special month for mother earth as nature awakens, as trees sprout, as many species reappear with their offspring after months of hibernation, as winter calls it a day in the northern hemisphere and offers his post to spring and as spring takes up this post. However, mother earth has other reasons to love March; International Day of Forests and World Water Day on March 21st and 22nd. With these annual events tired earth, our caring mother, sees us remembering her and trying to appreciate her generosity, despite all our destructive efforts to live better lives.
There is a chain of interdependent problems causing new ones or effected by the old ones; global warming and climate change are among the most central ones. Pollution alone is a huge verity. Air pollution, water pollution, marine pollution, soil contamination, plastic pollution, etc. grow like cancerous tumors and neglecting them, we already have lost a lot. Migration makes numerous seemingly unnecessary changes as well, changes that are in fact detrimental. We humans are also good at war. We spend our wealth to ruin or at least displace each other and this displacement causes the above mentioned problem; migration!
This year theme of International Day of Forests is “Forests and Sustainable Cities”. Trees in urban areas are incredible air filters, they can remove many pollutants from the air. Forests can help us live longer and better lives. We need to believe that protecting trees and forests is a universal duty.
Theme of 2018 World Water Day is “Nature for Water” to remind us the solution for the 21st century water challenge is in nature and there is enough water for all inhabitants of this planet, what we lack is sufficient water management. Politicians are not our only choice to manage our resources, our invaluable resources must be managed by wise and reliable humans. And no one, for no reason, has the right to manipulate the recourses we all need.
We should be aware that all we do has an effect on our planet and mother earth is tired of showing us these effects and seeing our indifference. Our ecosystems do not distinguish the borders we have drawn, therefore we are suffering the consequences of our neighbors’ mistakes and so do they. Never forget “We do not inherit Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children”.